Cookies policy

Gambling-Apps utilizes cookies to identify your computer everytime you visit Gambling Apps in order to optimize your experience by customizing the webpage to your preferences.

What are cookies exactly?

A cookie, also known as a browser or tracker, is a tiny piece of data sent to a browser by a web server that allows the server to collect information from the browser. Cookies are established when you load a certain page, and the browser obtains and sends the acquired information to the website’s server every time the user returns to the same website.

Cookies are used to make it easier for users to navigate our websites and perform certain services. Disabling cookies may prohibit users from utilizing certain website functionalities due to their primary purpose of improving/enabling the usability or operations of the website.

Gambling-Apps uses cookies to assist our advertising partners in analyzing your interests and needs in order to tailor their advertising campaigns to your specific choices and to show you only adverts that are relevant to you and are not damaging in any way.

How do cookies work?

Gambling-Apps makes extensive use of both session and permanent cookies. Cookies that expire when you log out of a session are known as session cookies, whereas persistent cookies might last anywhere from a minute to years, depending on the kind of cookie.

Persistent cookies

These cookies are saved on your device and in your browser, and they keep track of your choices and activities on our websites (or in some cases on other sites). Persistent cookies can be used for a variety of things, including remembering your preferences and selections when you visit our site, as well as for targeted advertising. Unless you deactivate them, these cookies are not removed when you shut your browser and stay on your device until the expiration date provided by the cookie’s source.

Session cookies

These cookies are only temporary and only stay on your computer for as long as you visit our website. A session cookie allows you to access our website more quickly and allows us to offer you with information that is more relevant to you if you are registered. When you close your browser, this cookie expires automatically.

Why do we use cookies on Gambling-Apps?

Gambling-Apps cookies are mainly used for the following purposes:

  • To improve our user experience technically by discovering and fixing bugs, failures, and other technical difficulties.
  • To assist our content providers by educating and informing about your interests and possible product searches.
  • To collect information about your browsing habits, interests, and experience on our website.
  • To make the live chat services available to our guests on every page of our website.
  • To recognize your device and tailor our web pages to your preferences.

How can I disable cookies on my computer?

If you have any problems or dissatisfaction with the aforementioned policies, you may easily disable our cookies by modifying your browser settings.

Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically by default. You may modify the settings to prevent cookies from being delivered to your device or to receive notifications when cookies are sent. If you access and browse our website using several devices (for example, your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. ), you must ensure that each browser on each device is configured to your cookie preferences.

We make changes to our website on a regular basis that affect our rules and terms. As a result, we strongly urge that you frequent this page to stay informed of any policy changes that may impact your privacy or experience.