About Gambling-Apps.in 

Gambling-Apps.in is a site created by a group of people who are passionate about gambling games, who have extensive knowledge of the market and who want to help other Indian players start gambling online.

We offer our readers the tools and information they need to learn and start an adventure in the world of betting. If you want to start playing, we are here to help. We share all our knowledge about the growing online betting market in India in order to give you the best possible possibilities for you to become a successful bettor.

Main responsible for Gambling-Apps.in

Arvind Raman – owner and chief redactor

As project director, Arvind is responsible for maintaining the high standards of Gambling-Apps.in. Working daily with our content creators, he uses all of his knowledge gained from over 10 years of online betting experience to ensure that our product is of the highest quality in every aspect. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact him via email – [email protected]

arvind raman

How do we rate gambling apps?

We have full knowledge about the best gambling apps for Indian players. We evaluate these sites and classify them according to the quality of services and products offered to Indians. Whenever we visit a new betting site, we ask ourselves: Is this site good for Indian players? Do they accept Real deposits? Do they offer betting on popular sports in India? Do they support users in Hindi? These are some of the points we consider when evaluating a betting site.

Our business model

Gambling-Apps.in brings a lot of information and knowledge for those looking for the best gambling apps in India. To offer a quality product, we have a group of betting experts who create our content. However, maintaining this group of good professionals generates costs.

Accessing the content of our website is completely free for you. To keep us going, we use affiliate programs, where betting sites pay us for the service of providing them with traffic. This is a standard business practice, for example, on websites that compare hotels, travel, and restaurants.

To offer the best product, we need to be as honest and fair as possible. Therefore, we maintain our integrity at the highest level, evaluating and recommending to you what we consider to be the best betting sites for Indians.

Ready to start Gambling?

Now that you know what Gambling-Apps.in is! You can use our website to browse the various online gambling sites and find out what betting options, features, and bonuses are available. After analyzing all the options, you will be able to choose the one that best suits you.

We invite you to start your adventure with online gambling, we will be with you in every step of the process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.