Betting apps on android

Betting apps on android

Betting apps for android is sort of an app for the bookies. Meaning betting apps on android also are a safe transaction for the bookies. Making betting apps for android phones also a bookie app. But bookie app isn’t the only function of an android betting app. The recent surge in the popularity for the betting apps on android is the proof of that. 

India is a large country with a humongous population. It has a growing number of smartphone users in it. But from the sum total of the smartphone users in India 95% are android phone users. So the people looking for the best bookie app is most likely to look from the best betting apps for android specifically. 

List of best android betting apps

There are a plethora of betting apps android out there. Among those betting apps android there isn’t just one best betting app for android. There is a long list of best betting apps for android. But it can be confusing to the customers to choose from these betting apps android. But don’t worry. We are at the service of those enthusiastic punters who are looking for using some quality betting app android. But one thing has to be put in account is that the great betting apps android are also the best bookies apps. So how would you find some of the best bookies apps? Here is a list of some of the best betting apps for android.

bet365 app icon


Among all the betting apps android bet365 stand outs the most. This android betting app has some of the most positive reviews in the world of betting apps android. Here is to why Bet365 is so applauded in the best betting android apps. 

  • This android betting app gives away 100% bonus of up to 100 euros to its newcomers
  • It has one of the best live streamings in the realm of betting apps android. 
  • Bet365 is a great betting android app for having a very user friendly interface. 
  • In play betting is always great with this betting app. 
10 bet app


10bet is another one of the A-lister betting android apps. 

  • One of the core parts of betting in general is the odds to it. Having great odds makes 10bet one of the best betting app android. 
  • This betting app for android has great live chat for its players.
  • The betting app gives a bonus of upto 50 euros. 


This android betting app has both betting and gambling options in its disposal. 888sport today is one of the best betting apps on android. 

  • By betting 10 euros in this bet app, the user can get a 30 euro bonus for betting. 
  • It has one of the highest number of payment methods among the betting apps for android phones.
  • There is a great in-play betting system for the punters to bet on. 
Betiton App icon


Betiton has made a name with their first class security systems in the world of betting apps android.

  • This betting mobile app gives away 10 euro bonus as a welcome gift to its first time users. 
  • There is a huge chorus of sports to choose from. Betiton betting apps android is one of the best betting apps on android when it comes to judging apps by the number of sports they have. 
  • One of the safest betting apps for android as it is encrypted with SSL. 
Unibet app icon


Unibet always had a great reputation with their existing mobile websites. Now that it has released its long awaited app for betting, it is considered just as an amazing betting apps android.

  • Unibet gives 40 pound of cash back on the first bet that is made by the punter on that platform. 
  • The live chat Unibet has is open 24/7
  • Anyone who enters this betting android app can start playing instantly. 


The name of the company says it all. Bet-at-home wants you to have the thrills of betting in the comforts of home. Which makes it an easy pick for a top bet app for android. 

  • Bet-at-home stands out there with its unique and amazing design among the betting apps android. 
  • This amazing betting app on android can be considered as all in one with both the casino and the sportsbook in it. 
  • If one is worried about payment safeties their betting apps android then they should use Bet-at-home with their great payment methods. 
William hill app icon

William Hill 

This british company shows the royalty of the british their android betting app. It is an all time favorite among the Brits when it comes to betting apps android.

  • William Hill offers to give a bonus of 30 pounds if the player is using it for the first time and bets at least 10 pounds. 
  • Giving away free racing advice makes it one of the best betting apps for android phones.
  • Has an up to date live updates of the games. 

How to download betting apps for android phone? 

There are some complications when it comes to installing betting apps android. The issue is that Google doesn’t take it likely for any of the gambling android apps out there. So there aren’t any betting apps in the Google Playstore out there. Meaning there aren’t any of the best betting apps for android out there verified by the android platform. So in order to install and use any of the betting apps android, one must follow the same procedure. As all the betting apps for android have the same system for the easily accessible to the users.   

  • First, go to any of the websites of your choice of android betting app. 
  • There will be a button to download the betting apps android. 
  • By clicking download you will download the apk file of the betting app. 
  • Now, as android fails to recognise any app that is not in the play store you have to give access to that betting android app.  
  • Go to your setting and allow apps to be installed from unknown sources. 
  • Click on the apk file of your android betting app. 
  • Enjoy your bet app. 
How to download betting apps for android phone?

Android versions and phones 

Now most of the companies that have betting apps android also seem to have mobile apps and mobile friendly websites to them. But which phones and android versions do betting apps android actually support? Well, basically each and every one of them. The betting apps android are made for any of the android versions that are currently in the market, including:

  • Android 11.0
  • Android 10.0
  • Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • Android 8.0/8.1 (Oreo)
  • Android 7.0-7.1.2 (Nougat) etc.

They are also supported in every smartphone out there.

Benefits of android betting apps

Having betting apps android might seem unnecessary to some, as there already exist great websites for that. So here is a list with the benefits of betting apps android. 

  • Betting apps android are free to download
  • Android betting apps are made specifically to run on android. Making it perfect for the platform to run on. 
  • Great and easy interface is a common thing to be seen among betting apps android. 
  • It is easier to control the betting apps android. 
  • There are usually a lot of bonuses for the android betting app users. 
  • Gives you notifications. 
  • Runs a lot faster than the websites.


Online betting in today’s world has become very safe. It is rising through its popularity. But so is the ever growing use of the android phones. With the highly heightened up quality of betting apps android, it is safe to say that turning to the betting apps for android is a great mark for the punters.